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September 20, 2011 / mmrdeveloper

Progress Update

It has been a lot of time since my last post.


Currently I’m working on a desktop tool able to export a WME project into TinyWME game files, this way you can develop your game as usual and the tool will take care of those little changes at low level.


Engine progress is about 60%, basically you can run an isolated scene with all its entities, music, layers (parallax scrolling), actor movements…


As far as I finish the export tool I’ll release a public beta so everybody could test their own scene/code.


March 14, 2011 / mmrdeveloper

WME native file formats

I’ve been quite busy during these days implementing WME native file formats so now TinyWME can read *.sprite, *.entity, *.scene and so on.


This way you can use the WME standard tools to create also a TinyWME game 🙂


I hope to reach the “beta” state soon, so you can test the application by yourself with your own custom code/graphics as you do in WME right now.


Stay tuned!


March 7, 2011 / mmrdeveloper

Alpha 0.7 – Demo

You can test a small preview of TinyWME going to the following link




This is a concept demo so just a little functionality is implemented and it’s buggy.

Not all the animations are there (talking for example), but you can walk through the scene and walk behind objects.




– LeftClick: Move the actor to the desired point

– RightClick: Display the actions toolbar

– Key ‘5’: Display the walkable area

– Key ‘6’: Display debugging information such us sprites boundaries, walk-route, hotspots…


Comentaries are welcome! 🙂



Manuel Martos

February 9, 2011 / mmrdeveloper

Beginning with an Idea

Welcome All to this new site where I’ll write down all the information about this new tool I’m developing.


The main purpose is to create a web-oriented application to develop Graphic Adventure Games using the same concepts and design practices as you’ve learnt from WME.

So as a brief this is intended to be a WME runtime for the web, or in other words, a WME 1.x clone.


Not all the functionalities will be implemented as nowdays web standards and browsers aren’t powerful enough to provide OS applications-like performance.

With this I mean 3D support won’t be implemented so only 2D functionality will be there, but who knows, maybe in a near future I can start working on this as WEBGL standard is being developed pretty fast.


Handheld devices are in the scope but my latest tests prove the performance isn’t as good as I wanted so focusing on this task is not my priority right now.


Of course visual tools will be developed too, in WME words: SpriteEdit, SceneEdit… and so on. But at the beginning stage I would like to make TinyWME compatible so it can reads WME file formats with the advantage you can develop on M$ Windows using current WME tools.


At this point only modern web broswers that support HTML5 standard are set as target platforms: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome…


I’ve tested also IE 9 RC with no success as it’s implementation of the HTML5 standard isn’t as “standard” as it should so several pieces of code need to be adapted.


So finally and after ALL these words 🙂 I’ll post a new entry with the link so you can test the demo by yourself.





Manuel Martos (aka MMR)